A Minneapolis Couple Celebrates Their 50th Anniversary By Installing Rain Gardens For Their Block

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photo: Ecoscapes Sustainable Landscaping

Most couples toast to 50 years with a nice bottle of champagne, flowers, or maybe a weekend away. But not the Wolks, instead they chose to mark the occasion with a rain garden block party. See why their anniversary will not soon be forgotten.When Bob and Debby Wolk were getting ready to celebrate 50 years of marriage they chose a most unusual way to celebrate, by installing rain gardens for all their neighbors according to a story in the Star Tribune. Both Bob and Debby have long been deeply involved with their gardens. Debby is a master gardener and Bob is on the board of Metro Blooms, a nonprofit devoted to urban gardens. They had their rain garden installed a few years ago and thought what better way to celebrate their anniversary than installing one at each house on their block.

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The Rain Garden Meeting
According to the story, the Wolks invited everyone on their block to a mysterious gathering at their home. "Bob's invitation was intriguing; it just said we'd like to talk to you about something," Debby recalled. "And we'll have wine," Bob added.

Everyone came to the block meeting where the Wolks purposed their plan. The plan was met positively by the majority of their neighbors. Mostly everyone graciously accepted the fine invitation with much enthusiasm. One of the neighbors Luke Johnson was however a holdout. Johnson feared that his minimal gardening skills would ruin the garden. But in the end knowing the Wolks were such good people he decided to give it a hearty try.

Installation Party
The Wolks chose Ecoscapes Sustainable Landscaping to design the rain gardens and with the help of Metro Blooms the party was underway. The installations were kicked off on May 31 with a rain garden block party which included about 150 of the Wolks' closest friends and family. Guest were all assigned to a garden under the supervision of a master gardener. The party even had an art table for the kids, an ice-cream truck, and a bluegrass band. It was a big garden installation dance party where the block had been closed off. And "we had a ball," Debby said.

Via: Star Tribune
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