A Mini Worm Composter Kit from Outer Space (Video)

wiggos mini worm composter photo

Image credit: BEECycle

By now it is pretty common knowledge that I am obsessed with compost. Whether reflecting on compost as animal husbandry or learning how worm compost suppresses plant diseases, composting is a window in a miraculous and poorly understood world. It only stands to reason that we should want to share this world with our children. Enter the Wiggos—worms from outer space that teach about compost, and they send a message of love too. The Wiggo Pod is a mini-composting toy kit that teaches kids about the entire life-cycle of compost, from food to worms to poop to nutrients to plant. Created by recycling solutions company BEEcycle, kids can feed veggie scraps to their worms and watch them turn them into compost. They then get to plant a bean, watch as it grows and it even contains a hidden message just for them. All this comes with a pretty cool back story too:

The Wiggos are worms form outer space. Their home planet has been destroyed by pollution and are now forced to travel around space to look for a new planet to live in. They saw a beautiful planet called Earth they want to move into. However they noticed that Earth is going through the same destruction as their home planet. If they don't act fast to help then Earth will also soon be destroyed pollution!

Sadly the BEEcycle store is down at time of writing, so I have no idea about pricing. But I am delighted to see an attractive, small-scale composting education kit for kids. In fact, I kind of want one for my own desk...

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