A Kid's View of a Humanure Garden & a Great Poop Song (Video)


Image credit: Humanure Handbook

Whether it's humanure composting in urban Oakland, or safer sanitation with humanure in Haiti, there are many advocates of humanure systems and other forms of composting toilets around the world. Yet every time the topic comes up, there are concerns about sanitation.

Maybe this video of a young girl frolicking in a humanure-fed garden will make skeptics more comfortable. Or maybe it will scare the living daylights out of them...

We have, of course, posted on the Lovable Loo humanure toilet before. It's a $195 kit for a humanure toilet and collection system. (The composting is done elsewhere.)

But now the team behind the loo, which was designed by Humanure Handbook author Joe Jenkins, has found a new spokesperson in the form of Lovable Lulu, and a new troubadour in the form of Frank Meyer, aka Thangmaker. And just in case you are still not convinced by the safety of a humanure composting system, check out this article by Joe Jenkins on humanure composting sanitation (PDF).

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