A Dumpster Diving, Bike Riding Garden Company (Video)

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Image credit: Créateurs de Valeurs

With some dumpster divers getting arrested for their efforts, it gets easier to understand why some dumpster divers like The Secret Freegan choose to keep it on the down low. Others, however, are more than happy to spread the word about their trash-picking ways. In fact, some have even made a business out of it. Of course professional dumpster diving is nothing new, and these folks are often vocal (and Global). Trash pickers have been raising their voices against dubious waste-to-energy programs and street recyclers have been demanding a say at climate talks. but in the West, people are sometimes a little more reticent to admit they thrive off other people's garbage.

Not so the good folks at Les jardiniers à bicyclette, a group of "strong, Earth-loving and slightly magical gardeners" from Montreal who—they say—do things slightly differently. From planting edible gardens to lawn maintenance with a push reel mower, and from composting to planting native and medicinal herbs, these guys—like my NC-based friends Bountiful Backyards—have a strident focus on real sustainability and introducing people to the potential of the great outdoors.

Oh yeah, and they get about by bike and create gardens out of dumpster waste too. The videos below—part of a longer web documentary about Les jardiniers à bicyclette—give more insight into what it is all about. I particularly like founder Ian's take on why it's important to talk about these things. Greenhushing helps nobody.

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