4 DIY Gifts for Gardeners You Can Make this Weekend

Christmas is just a few days away. Maybe you’re answering TreeHugger Lloyd’s call for a war on Christmas excess. Or maybe you’re looking at your bank account and wondering how you’re going to afford garden books, gifts for gardeners--or even a holiday house plant--this year for the gardener in your life.

Below are four suggestions for DIY gifts for a gardener that we featured on TreeHugger this season that you can make this weekend. These holiday gifts will cost you next to nothing.

1. Old windows turned into greenhouses

You know those commercials where a spouse is lead outside to find a new car with a giant bow on Christmas day? Yeah, I don’t get them. In my version of the commercial, the spouse would walk out to find a stack of framing lumber and old windows to build a greenhouse. Check out the three easy greenhouses you can build for under $300.

2. Rain barrels

graphic for rain DIY homemade rain barrels© Ramon Gonzalez

Rain barrels are becoming increasingly popular as cities and towns come to understand the benefits of diverting storm water from aging sewer pipes. And homeowners understand the financial benefits of irrigating with rainwater. From old plastic and wooden barrels to rubber trashcans. Check out the tutorials on how to make your own rain barrel in an afternoon.

3. Compost bins

IKEA furniture turned into a composter© Hugo Abreu

A compost bin is a gift that will keep on giving for years to come. Trash goes in and black gold comes out. It’s like magic, really. You can use trash to collect trash and turn it into a product people spend a lot of money on. They can be permanent fixtures made out of cinder blocks and concrete, or they can be as simple as a circle made out of chicken wire. Check out the instruction for 4 compost bins that you can assemble in a day.

4. IKEA hacks for the garden

Most IKEA “hacks” involve modifying, upcycling or combining items the store carries and making something “new.” But you can take the idea and apply it to furniture pieces you have in your garage or attic, curbside finds, on Freecycle and furniture from thrift stores. Check the 5 IKEA hacks for the garden we featured for some inspiration.

As cliche as it sounds, it really is the thought behind the gift that counts. Especially when the recipient has a real use for it and they’ll benefit from the gift for years to come.

Are you having a homemade Christmas?

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So Long, and thanks for all the fish emulsion fertilizer!

4 DIY Gifts for Gardeners You Can Make this Weekend
Gifting aint easy. Especially for gardeners who can be picky. Build them something they can use in the garden.

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