93-Year-Old's Giant Pumpkin Patch Squashed: $1000 Reward Offered for Info on Vandals

Mae Powell  California Giant Pumpkin GrowerCBS Los Angeles /Video screen capture

CBS Los Angeles brings us the heartbreaking story of 93-year-old giant pumpkin grower, Mae Powell. For years she has grown giant pumpkins in her front yard garden without incident. She hopes to one day win a ribbon in “Pumpkinmania,” a weigh-off contest held in Irvine, California.

Giant Pumpkin DetroyedCBS Los Angeles/Video screen capture
This time of year her giant pumpkins are the talk of her Pasadena neighborhood and a bit of an attraction. People stop and ask her about them, how they get so large, and some even wonder if they’re real.

Giant Pumpkins destroyed in California CBS Los Angeles/Video screen capture

Recently while going out to her garden to pick tomatoes a neighbor informed her that her pumpkin patch had been destroyed. Some punk vandals smashed four of her giant pumpkins on the street, including puncturing a 300 lb pumpkin with umbrellas. The 300 lb pumpkin was her biggest hope of winning a ribbon at “Pumpkinmania.”

Watch Mae Powell's Giant Pumpkin Patch Story

Seeing her prized pumpkins vandalized hasn’t deterred her from growing giant pumpkins again in the future. Although, she thinks she’ll move her patch to the backyard where it will be safe and possibly grow to a size that will bring home a ribbon.

Police are investigating the incident and Powell is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person(s) behind the destruction of the pumpkins this year. If you know who did this contact the local authorities and rat them out.

93-Year-Old's Giant Pumpkin Patch Squashed: $1000 Reward Offered for Info on Vandals
Who would destroy the pumpkin patch of a 93-year-old gardener?

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