Lauren Murphy


Lauren Murphy


Environmental Science, Recycling, Wildlife


Western Washington University


With a degree in Environmental Science and years of environmental volunteer work under her belt, Lauren Murphy has a major passion for the planet. When she's not writing about nature, she's exploring it.


Lauren earned a degree in Environmental Science in 2013 after spending countless hours studying the ecology of the beautiful Pacific Northwest’s forests and shorelines in the field and in the lab.

Before graduating, Lauren completed multiple internships in the environmental realm, including one providing outreach about ecology in a nearby national forest and another compiling a Wild and Scenic River proposal alongside American Rivers and the National Park Service. She also assisted NOAA with collecting steelhead population data in eastern Oregon.

Lauren went on to serve in Americorps and worked for a community-based environmental nonprofit focused on salmon recovery and habitat restoration. There, she was a jill-of-all-trades. From teaching elementary students about water quality to trudging through streams to collect biological fish samples.

She transitioned into freelance writing in 2018, covering topics in sustainability for sites like Earth911 and Treehugger along with local Pacific Northwest publications. She also writes about lifestyle and home topics for various publications like Angi, The Spruce, and HuffPost. Her main interests are wildlife conservation, green living, and sustainable food.


Lauren has a B.S. in Environmental Science and a minor in Geography from Western Washington University.

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