Laura Moss



Science, Nature, Culture, Environment


University of South Carolina


Laura Moss is a journalist who writes about science, nature, culture, and the environment. She has written two books and often spends her free time hiking, camping, and visiting national parks.



Moss is an Atlanta-based writer with more than 15 years of writing and editing experience. She’s an outdoors lover and a self-professed cat lady. Those interests inspired her to co-found the Webby-nominated, the first online resource for safely exploring nature with feline companions.

Moss has written for CNN, Forbes, HowStuffWorks, The Huffington Post, and Nat Geo Kids. Moss contributed to MNN (now part of Treehugger) for more than five years. Her stories often focused on pets, animals, nature, science, and culture.

She has written two books:

"Adventure Cats: A Guide to Living Nine Lives to the Fullest" (2017, Workman Publishing Company)

"The Unofficial Harry Potter Insults Handbook: 101 Comebacks for the Wicked Wizards and Witches in your Life" (2017, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform)


Moss has a Master’s Degree in journalism from the University of South Carolina.


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