Artist's Symbiotic Sculptures Weave a Magical Story About Nature (Photos)

CC BY-SA 2.0. jennicatpink

In the world of environmentally-themed art, beauty doesn't always come on canvas. Finding a delicate balance between nature, art and space-making, British artist Laura Ellen Bacon weaves incredible forms -- many of them larger-than-life -- using pliable willow branches. Taking her artistic cue from birds, insects and other creatures, Bacon's woven works add a sense of otherworldliness to existing trees, interior and outdoor spaces.

Forms of Growth by Laura Ellen Bacon

puffin11k via Flickr/CC BY 1.0

Bacon's impetus comes from a desire to turn large amounts of carefully harvested willow branches into formal spaces of some sort, be they nests in the trees, to a pleasant surprise on a garden wall, to an undulating indoor cave made entirely of willow.

There's an element of seeing existing trees and buildings as "hosts" for her symbiotic works, as she explains on Juxtapoz:

Whilst the scale and impact varies from striking to subtle (sometimes only visible upon a quizzical double take), I relish the opportunity to let a building 'feed' the form, as if some part of the building is exhaling into the work.

Bacon's creative process usually involves her working on-site, plaiting her forms from the inside out, with the final exit hole being closed up to complete the piece.

The bold expressive quality of her works seems to imply there's an intimate dialogue going on, within the folds and swoops of the piece itself, to a broader communication with its context. Indoors or out, Bacon's work seems to invite us to flow into a deeper connection with our surrounding spaces, breathing a renewed sense of life into our relationship with nature. More over at Laura Ellen Bacon's website.