The Latest in Tiny Living: Prisoner Pods

Public Domain. RCMP

They say that the Canadian Mounties "always get their man", even when the snow is deep and the weather fierce. These days the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are more likely to be mounted in SUVs or as shown here, ATVs. And now they have the latest in tiny living accessories: Prisoner pods. According to the CBC:

With four wheels that can be changed into skis, a heated seat and a bright red light, the RCMP's two new off-road vehicle transport pods resemble child carriers that are pulled behind bicycles — only much larger and with the ability to keep prisoners secured. "We're able to help people that are, you know, off the beaten trail, so to speak," said The Pas RCMP Sgt. Brent Mattice.

They are not just for prisoners, but also for rescue. The Mayor of the town of The Pas says "Some people get in lots of trouble, like they'll be stuck out in the bush in their snow machine, and it gets pretty cold."

Snowbulance in action

© EquinoxThe prisoner pod is actually a tricked-out Snowbulance, made by Equinox industries. The polyethylene body is mounted on a steel frame and can hold a patient and up to two attendants; it is about 10 feet long, 4 feet wide and 5 feet high, with options for lighting, heating and an option for wheels. “Equinox’s superior gas shock suspension and cushioned limited rotational hitch provide for greater comfort.” I suppose a blue pod was too cute and they had to black it out and militarize it a bit.

back doors

© Equinox

At 850 pounds it is a bit heavy for bicycle camping, but I bet people could turn it into a very comfy little trailer for going off-road, in a very tiny home.