The Latest From Elon Musk: Your Very Own Boring Company Flamethrower

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Elon Musk promises and Elon Musk delivers, eventually.

For a guy who is going to save the planet with electric cars, Elon Musk sure likes burning fossil fuels. His SpaceX Merlin engines burn RP1, a highly refined form of kerosene, oxidized by liquid oxygen, which takes a lot of energy to make. Don Mackenzie of the Sustainable Transportation Lab ran the numbers and each launch puts out about 640 metric tonnes of CO2, about as much as is saved by 10 Teslas compared to regular cars over their lifetimes.

SpaceX rockets do useful things, like putting satellites and Tesla Roadsters into space. But the same cannot be said by Elon Musk's latest product -- a flamethrower. He promised it back in December in a tweet, and yes, for six hundred bucks, you can soon be the proud owner of an official Boring Company flamethrower.

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© The Boring Company

It is evidently up on a password-protected website, and appears to be an Airsoft BB gun converted with some form of propane burner. It seems totally useful and fun for the kids.