Largest Building-Integrated Wind Power System in U.S. Installed in Oklahoma City

Venger Wind vertical axis turbine
©. Venger Wind

The largest building-integrated wind power system in the U.S. is now spinning on the roof of the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (OMRF), thanks to a collaboration between Venger Wind and SWG Energy.

Venger Wind installed a series of 18 vertical axis wind turbines (their own V2 model) as a part of OMRF's sustainability strategy of producing zero-emission energy in their new research tower in Oklahoma City. The 18.5' tall omni-directional V2 turbines are rated at 4.5 kw, begin generating electricity at wind speeds of 8.9 mph (below the city's annual average wind speed), and the project is a good example of what is possible with small wind power integrated into building designs.

Venger Wind vertical axis turbine
"This is a groundbreaking success for Venger Wind and the small wind industry worldwide. The potential to provide wind energy at the point of use, within urban environments is a major paradigm shift from the typical large wind scenarios where multi megawatt systems are forced to be installed farther and farther away from populations where the energy is needed most." - Ken Morgan, Venger Wind Chairman and CMO

The company's V2 turbines are based on the work of the Finnish engineer Savonius, who invented his eponymous Savonius wind turbine in 1922, but according to Venger, their V2 design is a big step forward from previous iterations of the unique vertical axis turbine design. The V2 turbines are made from steel and aircraft-grade aluminum, are said to be quiet (less than 5 decibels over ambient noise levels), vibration-free, safe for birds and bats, and need no grid power to start spinning.

"The small wind industry still has a long way to go in educating ourselves and our customers on properly assessing and installing wind turbines on buildings. It truly is a whole new science that has emerged and we are very excited with the Architects and Engineers we currently work with whom are pioneering new concepts for wind turbine integration into buildings." - Morgan

Here's a little video overview of Venger's building-integrated wind turbines: