For Vegans and Vegetarians, Rent Is $200 Less

A landlord is Bethel, Washington, is offering a monthly discount to vegetarian or vegan tenants. . (Photo: Zerbor/Shutterstock)

We already know that embracing a mostly plant-based lifestyle can have tremendous benefits for your health, but if you happen to be on the search for a place to live in Bethel, Washington, it could also help your bottom line.

Jinesh Varia is renting his three-bedroom luxury townhome, complete with jacuzzi tub, modern kitchen, fireplace and a spacious backyard. If you happen to be a vegetarian or a vegan, you'll receive a generous discount of $200 off the monthly rent.

"I really believe, just like the no smoking policy that all landlords have today, that we can promote this as a way to spread awareness," Varia told local station King5. "See if I can create a trend."

While it's not uncommon for vegans or vegetarians to seek out birds of a feather when looking for a roommate, it's relatively rare for landlords to institute a similar policy. A quick search online revealed one example — a vegan in the United Kingdom who made the news in 2004 because he only rented flats to other vegans.

"It struck me the social element of having vegans and vegetarians together was quite nice," landlord Michael Sosner told the BBC. "Generally there is good feeling for me dealing with vegetarians and generally I think they make good tenants."

As for Varia, a member of the Vegetarians of Washington, he believes a plant-based diet is key to living an ethical and moral life.

"It's extremely important to be vegetarian," he added.