L.A. Fire Threatens Power Supply

The Station Fire is coming from Los Angeles' electricity. (Photo: Mathieu Marquer [CC BY-SA 2.0]/Flickr)

Things are looking pretty grim right now here in Los Angeles. The fire is roaring out of control. The giant mushroom cloud seen yesterday from a distance has been replaced by a sky filled with ash and a spooky, hazy orange light. And now the Santa Ana winds are expected to come in tonight only fanning the blaze.

Of greatest concern right now is the "Station Fire" which is burning northeast of the Acton area. As reported by ABC-7, the fire is moving dangerously close to one of the main power arteries for the city of Los Angeles -- a 500 KV line operated by LADWP.

If the line goes out, and L.A. is still pulling power at normal levels, it is more than likely that an outtage will occur.

The city is alerting everyone in the L.A. area to conserve on power. Unfortunately, it is hot as blazes and everyone is cranking up the AC, so hopefully enough people will get wind of the news and turn off all unnecessary lights and electronic devices.

The good news is that it is Labor Day weekend, so the city is pretty empty, which means a far lower power demand than usual (hopefully everyone turned off their AC before they left)! Also a strange West Coast hurricane is quickly working its way northward and may soon be dumping a lot of rain. A godsend?