Kyocera Dreams Up Flexible Cell Phone Charged by Kinetic Energy

kyocera concept kinetic phone photo
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Photo by Jeffrey Sass

A cell phone that is flexible, folds up in thirds, with nano-scale piezoelectric generators throughout to take the movements of a person using it and translating it into a full battery charge. Hummm...a dream? Maybe, but Kyocera's industrial designer Susan McKinney has turned it into a concept device.

Shape memory allows keys to morph up from its surface when needed and fade away when not in use. The flexibility of the screen allows for greater adaptability of form and interaction, it maintains a compact shape (the size of a small wallet) for simple phone calls, and unfolds to reveal a large widescreen display. The device feeds off of our physical interaction with it, translating kinetic energy into an electric charge via an array of nano-scale piezoelectric generators. The more we interact with Eos, the more energy it creates - without using batteries.

The company thinks these are some pretty cool ideas, and the San Diego and Bangalore design teams are already on it, looking to see how some of the ideas can be incorporated into reality. We're definitely looking forward to the days when our phones charge up completely with renewable energy, sothe sun, our voices, our movements are all part of the charging process.

Via Core77