Kym Johnson of 'Dancing With the Stars' Goes Nude for PETA

Kym Johnson nude for PETA

Professional ballroom dancer and "Dancing with the Stars" regular Kym Johnson has become the latest celeb to lose her clothing for PETA's cruelty-free campaign.

"Be a Bunny's Belle of the Ballroom: Choose Cruelty-Free," the ad pic is captioned. "Thousands of mice, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and other animals are poisoned, burned and killed in cruel product tests each year."

In an interview with Life & Style, the 36-year-old said that while getting naked for the camera was a bit intimidating, the cause made it all worth it.

"It’s basically making people aware of choosing cruelty-free products, which I didn’t realize animal testing was still happening, so I just want to make people aware,” Kym told the site. “If it brings awareness to people and people become aware of what they’re putting on their faces — and what an animal has to go through for us to wear some mascara or hairspray — then it’s worth it.”

Check out a video of Johnson's photo shoot and further thoughts on the campaign for PETA below.