Kug Is a Travel Mug and Tea Kettle in One (Video)

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A couple designers figured they'd take two consumer favorites - coffee mugs and kettles - and combine them. Behold, the Kug, a mug that will boil your tea like a kettle. The design was inspired by arthritis sufferers who find it difficult lifting a kettle heavy with water, but it also could potentially serve a greener purpose by cutting down on the number of things a person owns. On the flip side, unless it's build extraordinarily durable, it could mean just another piece of e-waste. Click through to check out a video tour of the Kug and weigh in on whether you think the design is a hit or a miss.

Kug Ad from Ben Millett on Vimeo.

It's a bit of a stretch (ok, more than a bit), but we might also say that this could lower our water footprint in a very tiny way. How often do you throw out a not insignificant portion of your beverage because it's gotten too cold. You could reheat your drink right in the Kug without needing to be anywhere near a microwave. I for one don't have a microwave and am guilty of always tossing tea into my houseplants because it got cold long before I had a chance to finish it.

The problem though is that travel mugs are notorious for breaking - lids start leaking, the lining cracks, and so on. So this would need to be manufactured with longevity in mind if it were to really help us trim down a little on how many gadgets we have laying around.

Gizmodo adds the suggestion to make sure this can boil via USB plug-in - and that would certainly be handy for us caffeine-addicted writers.The Kugis still in concept phase, so there's time to incorporate this into the design. If you're interested in seeing the Kug in the marketplace, the designers ask that you register on their site so they can prove people want their design.