Kootenay Tiny Home Puts a Lounge in Its Bump Out

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Video screen capture. TruForm Tiny via YouTube

We've often lamented how many tiny houses look too cutesy and derivative -- likely because the gabled-roof look epitomizes what a stereotypical North American 'home' looks like.

But as the iconic gabled roof endures in a wide variety of tiny homes, what's inside continues to evolve. Cluttered layouts are giving way to more open and minimalist options, such as this one designed by TruForm Tiny. Pictured is this 22-foot-long version of the Kootenay Urban, which features an open layout and an L-shaped kitchen peninsula -- though a variety of customizations are available, from a longer trailer length to a larger bathroom, stairs or an elevator bed.

According to the company, the home is clad with cedar and standing seam metal and is equipped with accent walls created with reclaimed wood, a cedar-lined ceiling, big windows, a sleeping loft and tons of storage hidden all over the house.

The seating area -- which is located in a small bump-out on one end -- features a cozy nook for sitting, with storage hidden underneath. The two corner windows are a nice touch, opening up that spot to more natural light.

The kitchen has thick butcher-block counters, including a convenient drop-leaf surface that adds extra dining space. A moveable ladder provides access to the loft above. There's plenty of storage in the drawers and roll-out pantry shelf.

The sleeping loft, which can accommodate larger queen- or king-sized beds, either alone or on an elevated platform with integrated storage. For extra headroom, the Kootenay can be built with a flat roof over the sleeping loft, and a sloped roof for the rest of the home. The home comes with an outdoor deck as well.

It's a lovely design that sports the typical gabled roof on the outside, but a more spacious, modern layout on the inside. This shorter version of the Kootenay starts at USD $60,900 and can be customized with a variety of add-on features, available via TruForm Tiny.

[Via: Tiny House Talk]