11 Knots You Need to Know

Tying knots is a lost art that has a life beyond scouting badges. Tomi Lattu [CC by 2.0]/Flickr

It’s easy to dismiss knot tying as a skill that's rarely needed in the modern world.

After all, most of us don't require nets and snares to ensure we get dinner on the table, and we've likely never had to fashion an emergency shelter with only a tarp and some rope.

Perhaps that's why The Telegraph recently reported that The Scout Association, the U.K.'s largest scouting organization, doesn't require leaders to know how to tie knots.

"Modern recruits are too busy earning badges in public relations, circus skills and IT to bother mastering a Sheepshank or a Clove Hitch," the article reads.

While knots may seem irrelevant to modern life at first, they're actually everywhere once you start looking.

You likely tie knots every day when you tie your shoes, put on a necktie or braid your hair, and if it weren't for knots, you'd be naked. From cable-knit sweaters to all the tiny threads that hold your shirt, pants, socks and underwear together, we'd have nothing to wear without knots.

We'd also be without bridges and homes or even many surgical procedures.

In survival situations, a knot can even save lives if you know how to tie it.

The infographic below details several simple knots that you can use in a variety of situations, so grab some rope and start practicing!