Knog Boomer Bike Light Recharges in Your USB Port

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Woman riding bike in the woods at dusk

Henrik Trygg / Getty Images

Continuing our recent exploration of newish bike lights, we turn our attention to the Knog Boomer Rechargeable. The Boomer has an integrated lithium-Ion polymer battery, which when you pop the light out of its silicone case can be inserted into the USB (Universal Serial Bus) port of your computer for recharging. Available for front and rear lighting on a bicycle, the Boomer throughs our up to 55 lumens for the front beam and can run for 12 hours on flashing mode.

Apparently you'll get about 3.5 hours on steady mode. Additionally there is a strobe pulse and strobe random mode. But intriguingly, there is also Storage Mode, where the battery is allowed to achieve a safe discharge level so it can safely enter a hibernation phase for up to one month of disuse, which is said to "optimize battery longevity." Sounds good. Any move to lessen our demand on throw-away disposable single use batteries is a worthy one. Although no indication is provided of how many charge cycles the li-ion battery is capable of.