Knit a Tea Cosy and Save Energy

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Image from Grannies,inc.

Tea cosies are a quintessentially British concept which has spread and developed into an art form. They have a very simple, and useful function: to keep the pot of tea hot.

This beauty of a tea cosy was designed in association with npower, an energy company. The idea is to encourage drinkers to make tea in a pot instead of a mug or cup. This will reduce the number of times we boil our kettles, thus reducing the amount of household energy we use.

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Image from Grannies,inc.

Originally they were probably hand-knit and that's what this beauty is. Your can buy it pre-made by some knitting grannies, or you can download the pattern and DIY.

They come in various designs: if you are a fan of the tear-jerker soap opera Coronation Street, there is one for you. Or if your tastes run more to Dr. Who, there is a tea cosy with a Dalek on it and called Dalek-jeeling, of course.

The cosies are knitted by a group of (raging?) grannies, all part of Grannie Inc. . It's a small new company started in June, by a woman who loved to knit and used to make beanies for all her skiing friends.

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Image from Grannies,inc.

This developed into a business, Grannies Inc., as these things do sometimes, and all she needed was more knitters. An advert. on line and some good publicity garnered more than 100 emails from women looking for knitting work. Now she has more knitters than she can accommodate at the moment. It's a reflection of the economy and also the fact that so many women have this skill and hobby at hand.

The wool is from Germany but she is looking to switch to all British as soon as she can source the best wool. Via : Hippyshopper