Klättermusen Will Pay Customers to Recycle Already Recycled Packs

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Klättermusen are having a busy March, being an environmentally active manufacturer of outdoor clothing and equipment. At the start of the month they launched their recycling programme, dubbed rECOver. From now on Klättermusen products will bear a small label indicating the value that product has if returned to a Klättermusen stockist. Customers will be refunded up to depending on the product. Some of the products will be processed to make recycled materials, whilst others will be repaired and donated to charity. A very commendable self imposed extended producer responsibility (EPR) program for a small Swedish company.

Klättermusen have been out winning awards this month too, and not strictly speaking for the above program. This particular win involves another equally pioneering endeavour: making packs from old fishing nets and carpets!The International Sports Expo - ISPO - just gave Klättermusen a guernsey in the inaugural ECO Responsibility Awards. Seems the judges of the award took a liking to Klättermusen's Gnå 35 litre pack, complete with its internal padded laptop case. But what caught their eye, beyond the rather unusual appearance of the pack, was that it is made from 100% recycled nylon sourced apparently from discarded carpet and fishing nets.

The "fibres are ground down and shaped into small pellets. These are then broken down to the molecular level and cleaned from dust, grease, dye residue and dirt in order to produce a new raw material. This raw material is polymerised and transformed into plastic chips. These are then melted and spun into new fibres, which are used in new products."

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The ISPO ECO Responsibility Award jury went into raptures: "Klättermusen pairs loving technical detail with a convincing sustainability concept in its GNÃ... 35 Liter backpack. The benefits should be tangible for any discriminating buyer. The company's holistic conceptualization of the product's lifecycle is inspiring — from the conscientious selection of raw materials to a catchy recycling strategy."

The Gnå pack is also subjected to Klättermusen's own ECO-index, which assesses product against ten environmental criteria such as such as the life of the product, environmental-friendliness of the impregnation and membrane, biodegradability, whether it is manufactured from natural non-fossil materials, whether it can be recycled in an existing system and so on. The Gnå scored 67%, which is similar to the score which reflects the progress the company has made in greening its business. In 2006 they averaged out the ECO-index across the entire line and managed 23.7%. These days they are up to 61.2%.

Most of their other packs are also made of this same recycled nylon.

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Oh, did we mention they donate 1% of turnover to environment causes. The last round of donations totalled € 16,332. And went to organisations suggested by their customers. Not too many other companies go to all this trouble to limit the impact their product has on the world. (see links below for previous examples of their work.)

Mind you, their dedication to being a responsible corporate citizen is not without it's downsides. The Gnå pack requires customer did deep into their wallets to find € 231. But to our knowledge there are no other packs out there made from recycled nylon, that pay you € 10 to recycle them, either. Klättermusen
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