Kitty Rescued in Bangladesh After Getting Stuck in a Window

A kitten in Dhaka, Bangladesh, found itself in a precarious position.

The feline had managed to get itself stuck in a window on the 3rd floor of a building and couldn't manage to wiggle out.

Three young men walking by saw the cat unable to move and decided to try to help.

"A cat was stuck on building's third-floor window," one of the men told ViralHog. "My two friends and I were crossing by the front of the building and saw it. My friends went inside the building and one friend climbed down to the window and saved the cat."

You can see the man who climbed out on the window petting the cat to calm it down, and then wiggling it out in order to pass it to his friend above.

The kitty made it out safely thanks to the caring men — especially the brave one with no fear of heights!