Kitchen Recycling Tip: Twist Ties

I’ve talked about reusing plastic bags before, but what about the twist ties that come with so many of those plastic bags? How can they be reused? Here’s a list of ideas for reusing twist ties before they become trash. Most of these ideas work with the ridiculous twist ties that cement kids’ toys into packaging, too.

Tie up other food bags – Having twist ties on hand when you open a bag of frozen vegetables but don’t use it up is helpful. I also use them when I freeze bread, I’ll usually wrap the bread first in a used cereal box liner. Then I put that in a used plastic bag and tie the plastic bag up with a used twist tie.

Tie up plants to stakes with them – You may need to string a few together, but they make great ties for plants.

Secure cords with them – Again, you may need to string a few together, but they can keep a bunch of cords by the TV or by your desk from getting unruly.

Hair curlers - Before going to bed, section wet hair into small segments, twist and turn them into coils, and secure them with a twist tie. You’ll wake up with a head full of ringlets. (via repurposeful)

Keep your fly up - Do you own a pair of pants with a zipper that always falls down and leaves you blushing in public? Loop a twist tie through the zipper pull and attach it to the inside of the button at the top of your zipper. It will mean a few minutes of extra work during bathroom trips, but it will keep your modesty in tact! (via repurposeful)

Ear bud tie – Use a twist tie to keep your ear bud cords from getting tangled in your backpack or gym bag. (via Lifehacker)

Tie Christmas lights with them – You can string lights onto a balcony or a fence by your patio with twist ties. (via recyclethis)

One last thing, you can’t always avoid packaging with twist ties, but sometimes you can. When I need to use a plastic bag at the supermarket in the bulk bins, I don’t take a twist tie to tie it up. I tie the end of the bag up in a knot. It’s a small thing, but every little bit helps. I still have plenty of other twist ties from bread to reuse.

Image: mulmatsherm