10 Kitchen Items to Purge That You'll Never Miss

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The path to a clutter-free kitchen starts with purging the easy stuff. (Photo: Africa Studio/Shutterstock)

Call it becoming minimalist. Call it purging. Call it simplifying. Whatever you call it, you know you want to do it. But it's hard to part with your stuff, isn't it? What if next week, you suddenly need that thing you haven't used in five years?

If that fear is keeping you from starting to declutter your home, you may want to baby step your way into purging, starting in your kitchen where many items aren't sentimental. Begin with these kitchen items that you will never miss.

birthday candles
Start your purge with something super easy — like digging the few stray birthday candles out of your junk drawer. (Photo: Katya Havok/Shutterstock)

1. The stray birthday candles in different colors and shapes in the junk drawer. You're not going to use them. They can go in the trash.

2. Logo glassware that's shoved in the back of your cabinet. You went to a wine or beer festival and came home with the souvenir glass, but you never use it. You'll never miss any glasses like that, so go ahead and start a donate box and put these in there first.

3. Promotional cheap plastic water bottles or reusable coffee mugs. Your gym, your bank or your school gave these away as promo items and now there are a dozen of them, making your kitchen cabinets burst at the seams. Let them keep the logo glassware company in that donation box you started.

cheese grater
Unless more than one person cooks in the kitchen at the same time, one cheese grater is all you need. (Photo: Syda Productions/Shutterstock)

4. Any kitchen tool you have more than one of. Do you need three cheese graters or two melon ballers? I didn't think so. Stick your extras in the donation box.

5. That odd ingredient you bought for a long forgotten recipe. Just why did you buy that jar of a random vegetable or that container of veal stock concentrate? If you can't remember and you don't think you'll ever make that recipe, get rid of them. If they haven't reached their expiration date yet, donate them to a food pantry.

6. Your bag of bags. Under your sink or in some other bottom cabinet there is a bag of bags you've been meaning to take in for recycling. Get it done.

plastic container
Yes, you could bake cookies and take them to someone in this washed-out takeout container, but will you ever really do it?. (Photo: BravissimoS/Shutterstock)

7. Plastic food containers you washed to reuse. Your intentions were good. You were going to reuse the plastic takeout container to send someone cookies or a sour cream container to send leftovers home with a guest. The problem is, you never did and now they're piling up, unused. Stop letting them clutter up your kitchen. Put them in the recycling bin.

8. Old photos on the refrigerator. The photo of your college roommate's kids that came with her family's 2011 Christmas card does not need to be on your refrigerator anymore. I'm sorry to say it, but it should be in the trash. That doesn't mean you have to get rid of the sweet faces, though. You can make a digital copy of it before you toss it.

If you can't remember the last time you made stir fry, would you really miss your wok?. (Photo: Gaby Campo/Shutterstock)

9. The specialty cookware or bakeware you haven't used in years. How much dust is on your wok? How about the cake pan in the shape of a "5" that you bought for your son's fifth birthday, 10 years ago? Time to find that specialty item a new home.

10. Your under-the-counter radio/CD player circa 2004. It was top of the line kitchen entertainment when you bought it, but you haven't used it for anything but its timer feature since you got your first blue tooth speaker. You could donate it, but does anyone really want it? This one probably needs to go to your local electronics recycling center.