ZENhome Eco-Friendly Cleaning Service

Guess what all of you busy New Yorkers, do we have a cleaning service that’s perfect for you. Doesn’t it sound nice to have essential and organic oils like lavender or jasmine burning while your house is being cleaned for you? Or how about finding organic chocolates left on every bed as well as a turn-down service? And we have to admit we’d love to have organic potpourri left for a wonderful soak in the tub after a stressful day. ZENhome’s cleaning services, located in Brooklyn, not only does all of the above but uses 100% nontoxic and eco-friendly products to make sure that you always come home to an environment that is safe for you and your kids and even your pets, too. They make an extended effort to ensure that your home is clean, rejuvenating and stimulates your senses. It makes coming home even that more appealing. Don’t have an eco-friendly cleaning service in your area? (Those New Yorkers really do have everything at their fingertips.) Just make sure you have environmentally safe products available for your service to use. ::ZENhome