Wood Prairie Farm Mail Order Organic Potatoes

Walk into any grocery and you are likely to find three, maybe four kinds of potatoes. Little reds and big reds, little whites, and maybe some big bakers. How odd that there are literallly hundreds of cultivars and we only get to choose among so few. More questions. Remember when you were a kid and the potatoes in the pantry sprouted eyes? Ever wonder why that no longer happens so fast? It's because the non-organic ones are dipped in a chemical solution that supresses sprouting. With that lengthy prelude we'd like to introduce you to Wood Prairie Farm, a Maine USA based mail order source of myriad organic potato varieties: seed, fiingerling, and full grown, a spectrum of colors and textures. Yummm. Have a close look at the Potato Textures explanation table, check out the "easter eggs" collection, and even join the potato of the month club (caution: may not play on all iSpuds).