Whirlpool's GreenKitchen Not a Very Inspiring Vision


Kitchens of the Future sure aren't what they used to be, and Whirlpool's new version presented in Milan isn't even what their own vision was two years ago. It does have some nice features, such as a drawer fridge (we have promoted these because the cold air doesn't all fall out when you open the door)


Whirlpool writes about the kitchen:

At first sight, the result may look very similar to a "normal" kitchen, but the technology behind it allows, amongst many other things, to use the heat produced by the fridge compressor, the only appliance to run 24 hours a day, and help produce hot water for the dishwasher.

This raises more questions than it answers. Why is the fridge compressor running 24 hours a day in a super-insulated drawer fridge? And more importantly, what is "normal" in this era?

It does have some nice features such as a gray water recovery system and a lot of sensors, controls and automation to minimize energy use. But a GreenKitchen? More like a GreenGizmo Kitchen, more complexity and controls and less about food and cooking. Not much of a vision.


Ekokook: The Kitchen of the Future That Produces, Prepares and Disposes

We have shown others that deal with growing food and composting what remains;

chong kitchen image

We have described our own vision of the kitchen of the future in The Kitchen of the Future Today

And frankly, the visions of the future used to be much more compelling. The Kitchen of the Future, 1967

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