What's Cooking in the Counter Intelligence Lab at MIT


The Counter Intelligence unit of the MIT Media Lab "explores technological approaches to functional, cognitive, and social support in the home, with a particular focus on the kitchen." They note that "our kitchens are far from complete and perfect. They remain dangerous and messy places and in world that is increasingly vying for our attention, we are abandoning the hearth for a meal on the run. Our goal is to reverse this trend--to make the kitchen the center of family life by providing technologies that improve functionality and engage us cognitively and socially."

We loved the Augmented reality kitchen, which turns the whole kitchen into a graphical user interface, projecting the contents of the fridge onto the door and labels doors and drawers with the things inside. Not as simple as Mike's idea, but a lot more graphic.


"Food is the most important thing to our daily life. Preparing, cooking, sharing, storage and playing food has its social and technoligical culture. Design and Artifical Intelligence approaches were taken to re-creating the food environment. Re-designing the kitchen and re-defining its components provides alternatives of life styles. Adding machine intelligence to these activities can enhance the processes of human-to-human communication and human-machine operations." ::Counter Intelligence

You can watch a video from the Discovery Channel Here

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