Waste of Energy Dept: Silly Appliances


My favourite Talmudic aphorism is from the Rabbi who said "My life has been blessed, because I never knew I needed anything until I had it.". I do wonder how I ever got by without these two appliances. I mean, who could live without a marshmallow toaster? Modern Mechanics said in 1930:

"THE latest thing in electrical household appliances is an electrical marshmallow toaster which toasts both sides of the confection at once. Ladies will find this little device useful for entertaining at bridge parties, as they permit the preparation of dainty desserts on the dining table. Six marshmallows may be toasted at once, and enough of the tid-bits for a large party may be toasted in a very few minutes."
::Modern Mechanix

Then there is the Garlic Express....


The health benefits of eating garlic range from boosting your immune system, purifying blood, increasing resistance to allergies, colds, anaemia and asthma and are all well documented over thousands of years.

With the Roasted Garlic Express, you can now treat yourself to roasted garlic in just 27 minutes. Turn garlic into a creamy spread for bread, an addition to sauces, pizza, mashed potatoes or use it to dress up your favourite recipe or on salads. Simply place full garlic bud or buds into the roasting chamber then press the start button for automatic roasting and shut-off. Features a removable roasting cup with detachable lift-out handle, non-stick coating for easy clean-up and loads of convenience.

Right. And how often does one do this that they need a specific appliance for it? And 27 minutes? As Homer said, "I want it now!" I won't even link to this, someone might buy it.

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