Waste of Energy Dept: More Silly Appliances

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Last year we had some fun looking at silly single-function appliances that cost money, take up space, and do almost nothing that you couldn't do just as well without them. We recently learned that this is a Wednesday tradition over at Unclutterer. Top o' the list is the incredibly useful Microwavable S'mores maker, where as one commenter put it, a little R2D2 holds "cardio-paddles from a defribulator" for marshmallows. "You can microwave 2 S'Mores in 30 seconds or less using this innovative product. Just fill the water reservoir, place your graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallow on the tray and heat. The marshmallow and chocolate heat at the same time, thus ensuring a perfect S'More every time." ::Unclutterer

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Can you think of any other useless appliances? Let us know in comments.

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