Waste of Energy Dept: Automatic Martini Maker

We thought we had seen it all with the Roasted Garlic Express, but, alas, we had not. True proof of the decline of civilization as we know it is the Automatic Martini Maker. Gear site Green Head says:
"A martini isn't exactly the hardest drink to make, but why should you even be bothered when there's a cool new appliance that makes them automatically? Yes, that's right, the Waring Pro Automatic Martini Maker ($100) is a commercial quality stainless steel electric martini maker. Simply add your favorite ingredients using the 1-ounce shaker cap, turn it on, wait for the green olive to light up, press shaken or stirred on the touchpad and you've just made the perfect martini, right in your very own home. Life sure is good...for the lazy."

Amazing, it even has a James Bond "shaken or stirred" mode. One can always find new ways to waste money and energy at ::Amazon

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