Vintage Kitchen Wares For the Eclectic Gourmand


photo: Europe 2 You

I've never been a fan of most wedding registries because I cannot stand the idea of having what everyone else has, or giving whatever everyone else gives for that matter. In addition, the sheer consumption of it all is quite a turn off. I am obsessed with finding miscellaneous kitchen items made by local potters, reclaimed materials, and now, these vintage and antique wares from Europe 2 You. You can give a wedding gift that won't ever get returned because the couple already has one, or maybe buy yourself a little something special like a vintage baguette or pizza board.You'll feel like an Old World cook with Europe 2 You's vintage housewares like vintage bread bowls and pizza boards. Europe 2 You also specializes in period pieces, like their antique jugs and baking molds. Or consider the Old World vintage glass bottles like the apothecary, soda water, yogurt, and French wine bottles.


The pieces add rustic charm and unpretentious allure to any gathering as well as adding personality and charm to your humble abode. And most of the pieces are authentically vintage or antique.


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