Tyranny of the Plug Kitchen Gadgets by Dick van Hoof

van hoff machine.jpg
Dick van Hoff’s groovy little kitchen gadgets are the remedy to what he calls the Tyranny of the Plug. (Actually, that's the name of the collection.) Good little chefs who are willing to put their fingers to work to save precious wattage will certainly appreciate his well-designed, hand-operated blender, mixer, and lemon squeezer made of cast iron, glass, and wood. They look perfectly old-fashioned, just like grandma’s manufacturer used to make, and we’re willing to bet they’ll last as long, too. (Here is the link to van Hoff’s so-uber-designy-that-we-don't-even-get-it Web site.) Thanks for the tip Brian Bennett and Nick Denton! Via ::Design Boom [by MO]