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Okay, I hate cleaning. But I like things clean. Also, I like stuff to last, so I don’t have to buy more, since I hate shopping, too. Yesterday, I wrote about eco-efficient household tips from Haley’s Hints Green Edition. Those old-fashioned ways of sprucing up your home have some great green tools. So toss the steel wool and neon-colored plastic sponges, and check out the latest products from Twist's line of dye-free, 100 percent biodegradable sponges with names like Ravioli Scrubby and Dish Dumplings. Perfect for the kitchen. Twist uses hemp, bamboo, and agave to create its collection of natural cleaning supplies. There’s a loofah-backed sponge to replace Brillo and absorbent Euro Clothes made from sustainable pine trees to replace paper towels. Use with a spritz of eco-friendly solutions from Begley’s Best to white distilled vinegar and baking soda.

TWIST Dish Dumpling photo

Considering plastic sponges are top germ collectors with bacteria multiplying exponentially overnight, Twist’s natural materials makes for healthier cleaning. Available at Target, Whole Foods, and Crate & Barrel, with more places listed on the company website. BuyGreen, for instance, checks out items to make sure the source materials, manufacturing, usage, and disposal are all cradle-to-grave green. Twist rates.

The minimal packaging is recyclable and even offers directions on how to convert it to a bird feeder. In addition, the Boulder company provides educational support to the Tetla community in Tlaxcala, Mexico where the products are assembled. It all makes cleaning easier.

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