Twist Sponges in Clever Packaging


Twist makes sponges and cleaners using cellulose from renewable tree farms and enuring that 99.7% of their waste is reused. " We set out to turn the world of cleaning products on its head – combining design and environmental responsibility to create functional, beautiful, and responsible alternatives."

But what is really cool is the packaging: printed on the back are plans for turning it into a clever little bird feeder. Instead of becoming garbage, the box becomes a fun activity. NotCot calls it a neat idea but "not so hot on the execution, the packaging is so thin that it’s not that sturdy, and i do wish the design made better use of the existing creases and the diecut windows… this bird feeder wouldn’t hold up well in a drizzle (how about some water proofed packing?) and isn’t quite strong enough to support the birds." Which we suggest is not the point, this could be a great new trend, a toy in every box. ::Twist via ::NotCot