Tough Love: Norcool Fridge in a Drawer

We always quote architect Donald Chong: "Small fridges make good cities."- the principle being that if you shop locally and fresh from a neighbbourhood store, you don't need much space. (and vice versa: if you don't have much space you shop a lot locally) Thus we were really intrigued by Norcool's Scandinavian works-in-a-drawer fridge. Everything lays out neatly and accessibly and it integrates beautifully into kitchen cabinetry.

We have also noted that chest type fridges and freezers are extraordinarily efficient because cold air sinks, so you can open the door of a chest design without all the cold air spilling out onto the floor. We immediately thought that a drawer type fridge would be perfect.


Unfortunately, the drawers all have open bottoms, easy to clean and good for air circulation, but every bit of the cooled air will end up on the floor as soon as the drawer is opened.


The fridge is small, and at maximum power consumption draws only 105 watts while cooling 170 litres of useable space, and it would certainly compromise air circulation if the drawers had solid bottoms so perhaps we are asking too much. Or are we? ::Norcool
via ::TrendHunter

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