Top Rated, Energy Star Refrigerators

Top Rated Refrigerators: Kenmore Fridge
In terms of quality, cost and energy efficiency, Kenmore refrigerators get high ratings from Good Housekeeping and Consumer Reports. They make many "no-frills" refrigerators which are Energy Star compliant. Kenmore fridges have factory-installed ice makers, which are less prone to break down than those built into the door. For example, a reasonably priced, mid-sized Kenmore fridge is available from Sears for about $430. Top-freezer and bottom-freezer refrigerators are more energy efficient than "side-by-side" models, and they are less expensive. See this report from the Green Guide, for a list of the best Energy Star compliant refrigerators.If you are looking for a very energy efficient fridge, try models from Avanti and Sunfrost. These fridges are best if you are looking for extreme energy savings, or if you are off-grid and using solar power for example.

Via: Goto Reviews