The Pot Plate is Perfect for One Pot Meals

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On Planet Green, Kelly is cooking up a series of one pot meals. She tries to find cooking techniques and recipes for people without a lot of time (who usually buy too much takeout) or money (not uncommon these days) so these meals are "fast, easy, nutritious, delicious and cheap."

What she and her readers need is the Pot Plate, designed by Joong-Ho Choi & Hyun-Soo Choi to reduce the number of dishes and the space required for them all. You cook your food inside and used the compartmentalized lid as a serving tray.

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They have thought of almost everything; the knob is a timer, it has a potstand built in, and a divided plate. Build in a rice-cooker type heater and it is almost an entire kitchen.

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via Yanko.
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