The Most Elegant Small Kitchen Yet Folds Into A Box


Kitchens that fold up and go away are a regular feature on TreeHugger; we love ideas that show how space can be used for multiple functions, and as Bucky Fuller said,
"Our beds are empty two-thirds of the time.
Our living rooms are empty seven-eighths of the time.
Our office buildings are empty one-half of the time.
It's time we gave this some thought."

Piero Esposito of Targa Italia clearly gave it some thought, and came up with this very elegant design that folds up into a very simple box.

It doesn't get much simpler than that! The company writes:

Even if it originates from the family of concealed kitchens, Opening is more than an invisible kitchen. It is not simply a built-in kitchen unit that can disappear but a real Kücheraum, a "Kitchen Space", which, whenever its job ends, changes its shape and volume and is adjustable for other purposes as a different object.

The German concept of Raum, hardly translatable with the English word "Space", has been pivoting the twentieth-century architectural and artistic debate and, combined with the concept of "existenz minimum", for some decades has oriented the research on modern home: how to conceive the space, how to match different spaces, how to make the best of them, how to organize smaller and smaller spaces in order to use them as wider ones, how to make them flexible and open to different suggestions and possibilities.


A fine piece of furniture and a kitchen at the same time, Opening appears as a block of precious wood, totally smooth, absent and essential: when it is closed it does not reveal its being a kitchen, which however hides astonishing potentialities inside. As a matter of fact, once it is opened and thanks to its rotating and sliding devices, Opening proves to be able to create always different arrangements, convivial spaces where cooking becomes a shared experience while the wide sliding pull-out table can be, from time to time, something to lean on, to have dinner on, to talk around , to work.


I am not certain that this is the thing for someone who cooks a lot; a "block of precious wood" does not make a good work surface. But it would be a killer in a small urban apartment. And when you move, you just take it with you. Targa Italia, found on Dornob

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