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Less is More: Modular Kitchen Concept by Fevzi Karaman

Not all new kitchen ideas have to look like they were made out of recycled junk; some are quite sleek and finished. Turkish designer Fevzi Karaman designs one that neatly folds up when you are not using it.

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Movable "Bridge" Slides Over Kitchen, Saves Space

Fevzi isn't the only one thinking about sliding tops; Italian designer Xera produces a version where the wood counter slides out, providing a place to sit or work, while exposing the sink and range when opened. Clean up after dinner and slide it back, and the kitchen essentially disappears.

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The Most Elegant Small Kitchen Yet Folds Into A Box

Perhaps the most elegant (if not the most practical) foldaway kitchen we have seen is the Targa. It is a real looker.

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Italian Kitchen Design Keeps Getting Greener with New Valcucine Invitrium

Valcucine's Invitrium kitchen is glass and aluminum, built to last forever (at ICFF the salesman said it would last for generations) We have trouble with their use of the word "recyclable"- when you have something this expensive the fact that you can melt it down is of marginal relevance, but other than that....

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Kitchen Design for the Future: Whirlpool's Green Kitchen Concept

Then we have the combination of composting and slickness in Whirlpool's green kitchen concept.

Taking everything that you need from a kitchen and integrating it into a smart, efficient system, the concept promises to cut way back on waste -- energy, water, and heat all included -- to the tune of increased energy efficiency of up to 70%.

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