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Donald chong kitchen of future

For LifeEdited, Graham describes his needs in the kitchen:

The kitchen should have an induction cook-top, a combination microwave/oven, a small fridge (could be a drawer fridge), a dishwasher, an espresso machine, a juicer, a smart system for storing non-perishable food, and a soda water maker. The kitchen should be hide-able.

But what might a modern kitchen look like?

Two years ago I was interviewed about the future of the green kitchen, and suggested it might look much like Donald Chong's design , saying:

Local food, fresh ingredients, the slow food movement; these are all the rage these days. A green kitchen will have big work areas and sinks for preserving, tons of storage to keep it in, but will not have a four foot wide fridge or a six burner Viking range. It will open to outdoors to vent the heat in summer, to the rest of the house to retain the heat in winter. The dining area will be integrated into it, perhaps right in the middle. A green kitchen will be like grandma's farm kitchen- big, open, the focus of the house and no energy from the appliances will be wasted in winter or kept inside in summer.

It hasn't happened yet, but there have been a lot of new ideas in how you design a kitchen, what you put in it, where it goes when you are not using it. We look at some of the sliding, changing reinventions of the kitchen.The Ethical Kitchen: Recycle, Compost, Be Ethical, All At Once

ethical kitchen photo

Alexandra Sten Jørgensen designed a kitchen with a plant that thrives on recycled water and composted food; if you don't do it, the plants will die.

The kitchen island is a sink and a preparation surface where you prepare and compost food and recycle the packaging. The compost on one side feeds the growing plant on the other, which is watered by 'grey water' through a drip mechanism attached to the waste pipe. The life of the plant relies on how well you adapt to ethical living, and the aesthetics of the unit is therefore a unique reflection of our actions.

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Rethinking the Kitchen: Flow2 kitchen by Studio Gorm

studio gorm flow2 kitchen photo

The Flow2 kitchen also tries to integrate the process of production and waste; they call it a

"living kitchen where nature and technology are integrated in a symbiotic relationship, processes flow into one another in a natural cycle, efficiently utilizing energy, waste, water and other natural resources."

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Designing a Kitchen Without a Fridge
igreen kitchen without fridge

Indian designer Nilay Shah eliminates the fridge, working only with fresh food. The i Green Kitchen, designed with Italian kitchen company Veneta Cucine, "can be used for cutting, drying, preserving, measuring and serving food at the same time, makes use of trays that are developed from wood and bio-degradable plastic."

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One Pallet Kitchen Starts Small

pallet kitchen

Steie Van Vugt and Frank Winnubst designed a "flexible kitchen for the flexible lifestyle of the future."

One pallet kitchen is a stackable kitchen made from wood chips and natural resin. Most kitchens are made from cheap pressed wood (chipboard) and laminate. Our aim is to show the quality of pressed wood by using the material as a three dimensional shape.

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Colo Integrates Dishwasher, Sink and Storage

colo kitchen photo

In most kitchens, there is a cupboard, a sink and a dishwasher. You empty the dishwasher by moving everything to the cupboard. Peter Schwartz and Helene Steiner of Wachshaus integrate them all together in this sink/dishwasher and storage concept.

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