The Cross-Pollination of Food and Design: Special Report From Dezeen

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Dezeen, the wonderful design blog that is the source of so many TreeHugger posts, redefines blogging with Food and Design: a report by Dezeen for Scholtès. Editor Marcus Fairs "investigates a fascinating trend: the cross-pollination between the worlds of food and design....We then undertook an extensive survey of activity over the last couple of years and distilled it into this report, which we have called Food and Design. It aims to capture the whirlwind of activity in this dynamic area, and suggests where the love affair between design and food might take us."

It is not a blog post, but a serious essay of the kind we rarely see on an internet that usually plays to short posts for short attention spans. There is so much good stuff here, including learning from the past:

Far from gazing into the future, as you might expect, contemporary designers seem to be more interested in learning from the past, or from other less developed cultures, and re-evaluating lost knowledge about food. This chimes with wider trends that have swept through the design world in the last few years, noticeable for example in the return of craft, decoration, vernacular forms and traditional materials in avant-garde design.

The re-emergence of provenance:

In our globalised age, a new set of values is emerging that prizes the local and the hand-crafted over the homogeneous and the manufactured. The worlds of food and design are both independently being massively influenced by rising demands for more ethically sourced products that are both environmentally and socially sustainable.

The notion of provenance - where something comes from - has become highly important in this new value system, with people expecting transparency and honesty about the origin of goods and ingredients.

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How these trends are changing design of kitchens:

The kitchen is merging with other rooms in the house - notably the dining room and the lounge - to become the main social hub for living and entertaining. Whereas in the past each room had its peculiar set of furnishings and gadgets - worktops and cookers in the kitchen, table and chairs in the dining room, sofa and TV in the lounge - the new "super-kitchen" combines all these.

There is so much to chew on here, a remarkable essay at Dezeen
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