Summer Kitchens Make A Comeback In Style

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Summer kitchens were very common a hundred years ago; a stove took a long time to heat up and cool down, and if you used it in the summer it would make the whole house unbearable. Then gas and electric ranges came into use, heating up much more quickly, and we got air conditioning, so we could use fuel to make the heat and use more fuel to take it away.

But it still makes some sense to move the heat outside in the summer. It is also very social; you might get away with a smaller kitchen and dining area inside if you are like most of us in northern climates who hide inside ten months of the year and party all summer.

Estonian architects Urmas Muru and Peeter Pere have built a lovely one.

summer kitchen bigger image

They tell Rose at Dezeen:

"As Estonian weather is not famous for its warmth and sunshine it has become popular to have summer parties at so-called summer kitchens and shelters," explains Pere.

summer-kitchen interior image

"It is actually contemporary version of the old farmhouse tradition to cook outdoors in summer not only for the family and for the cattle as well," he continues.

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