Stretching Fruit Bowl Changes Size to Keep Fruit Fresh

Here's a simple design that tackles two problems oft-discussed on TreeHugger: eliminating food waste and taking up less space. The Stretchy Bowl from Hook n' Loop Design consists of a metal base that holds a piece of fabric stretched on a metal hoop. As you add fruit, the bowl stretches. The fabric is breathable, so you don't get oranges rotting, suffocated under layers of apples and bananas.

When you don't have any fruit in the house, you can fold the bowl flat and put it away. The fabric is washable, so nothing gets smelly. You can buy one for $59 from Hook n' Loop.

While it takes up only as much space as it needs, the Stretchy Bowl won't actually impact your choice of a home. But, in a weird role for a dish, it can serve as a role model. It's living example of the moral: only use what you need at a given time. Don't own a car, borrow one when you need it. Don't buy a full set of tools, share with your neighbors. And so on. Oh, and eat your fruits and veggies.

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