Stainless Steel Coffee Filter Is Reusable for Life

coffee filter reusable aeropressNate Jones/Video screen capture

I just learned about the AeroPress coffee maker, but I like what I see. It's electricity-free and reportedly leaves fewer grounds in the coffee than a French press. It has overwhelmingly positive reviews on Amazon, so I trust it's a quality product. If I could pick out one thing to change, it's the use of a paper filter for every brew. Now someone has gone ahead and taken care of that, too.

Nate Jones is a co-founder of Seattle company Kaffeologie, which specializes in producing steel coffee filter. For AeroPress users, they created the S Filter, a reusable, ultra-fine filter made to fit the coffee maker. The stainless steel mesh features 50,000 holes per square inch, which Jones claims are the perfect size to allow flavorful coffee oils to pass through, while blocking the smallest coffee particles.

The S Filter comes with a lifetime guarantee; Jones equates that durability with sustainability:

To us, sustainable means a responsibly produced product that actually reduces your environmental footprint from coffee brewing. The S Filter will last for thousands of uses. We make it responsibly by choosing a material that lends itself well to recycling, minimizing energy and water in production, and mechanically cutting our steel instead of photo etching it.

To fund the production of the S Filter, Jones launched a Kickstarter campaign with a $500 goal. It's already raised more than $2,000, with a full month to go. So if you're an AeroPress user or are considering becoming one, pledge at least $25 in the next 30 days, and feel good about getting your coffee without sending hundreds of paper filters into the trash.

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Not convinced? Watch Jones' video pitch:

Stainless Steel Coffee Filter Is Reusable for Life
Made for the Aeropress coffee maker, the S Filter comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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