Small fridges make good cities: the podcast

small fridges make good cities- overall
© Williamson Chong

For quite some time we have quoted architect Donald Chong who was the first to say "Small kitchens make good cities"- people who have them are out in their community every day buy what is seasonal and fresh, buy as much as they need, responding to the marketplace, the baker, vegetable store and neighbourhood vendor. (Here is a roundup of all of our posts on the subject.)

I was recently invited as a guest on the Canadian Broadcasting System (CBC) Ontario morning show, Fresh Air, to talk about fridges, kitchens, the food chain and more with host Ralph Benmurgui, and got through it without hesitation, repetition or deviation, as they used to say on the BBC classic Just a Minute.

You can listen to it here.

Small fridges make good cities: the podcast
TreeHugger's Lloyd Alter does radio

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