Seventh Generation Household Cleaning Products

You could spend weeks trawling the web for green cleaning products, extracting biodegradable dish detergent here, recycled paper towels there.... Seventh Generation saves you the trouble and offers a full range of eco-friendly household products (kind of like us at TreeHugger, where we also serve up the best of the green). While they can’t compete with Method’s packaging design, they have an impressive range......of both chemical and paper products.

Seventh Generation’s non-toxic, biodegradable dish liquid is available in unscented or a choice of two natural scents, as is their automatic dish powder and laundry liquid. They have a cleaning product for every surface in your house, from carpets to toilets, and a full spectrum of recycled paper products including napkins, paper plates, toilet paper, paper towels, and facial tissue. Aiming to protect babies from the harsh chemicals in many conventional baby products, they’ve also introduced a line for your youngest, with chlorine-free diapers and wipes packaged in refillable containers. The Free & Clear range has no dyes or fragrances for those with sensitive skin, and they don’t test on animals, either. With long-lasting natural spectrum lightbulbs and recycled trash-bags too, Seventh Generation’s a one-stop shop for the ecological home. Their products are being sold more and more at mainstream grocery stores across the States, and at reasonable prices – check their website for a store near you. $1-13 ::Seventh Generation [by KK]