Service Wagon is a DIY kitchen on wheels

service wagon
© Chmara.rosinke

Mocoloco points to the DIY Service Wagon designed by Ania Rosinke and Maciej Chmara. We have shown a number of these compact, movable kitchen designs, most notably the Columbo Kitchen.

It was designed for a show on nomadic furniture at The MAK museum of applied arts in Vienna, which is looking at the do-it-yourself phenomenon. It certainly looks buildable, if less than practical.

The designer writes:

The vertical kitchen is a contemporary re-interpretation of the “Service-wagon” by Ferdinand Kramer from 1941. In contrary to Kramers project we have ordered the functions vertically to improve the usability. This version is easier to move, turn and it fits in every elevator.

Kramer was an early proponent of transformer furniture and flatpack design. Jörg Zimmermann writes in Stylepark:

In his furniture designs Kramer focused on utility and a high degree of flexibility. It is therefore hardly surprising that the principle of self-assembly is to be found in his furniture from an early date. Philipp Mainzer comments that "the flexibility of use, mass production, lesser volumes, and the related reduction in transport costs are many aspects that are key in furniture production today, and which Ferdinand Kramer was already busy thinking about 50 years ago."

Kramer's design may not be a good DIY project but I think it is a better kitchen....

Service Wagon is a DIY kitchen on wheels
A design for a rolling, folding, flatpack everything-in-one-place portable kitchen.

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