Save Energy and Time With Ultrasonic Laundry

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Modern Mechanix shows us how to save energy and time in the laundry room:
Sound Waves get your wash clean, claims Robert Bosch of Stuttgart, Germany. This seven-pound machine works on principle of auto horn. Hooter must sound for five minutes. Cost is $32.

People are still trying to do this; Giuseppe Frucco and Roberto Sburlino applied for a patent for an Ultrasonic laundry washing machine ten years ago:

1. A laundry washing machine comprising a washing tub and a perforate rotatable drum formed with respective access openings aligned with one another, the opening of said tub being adapted to be closed by a door hinged to a front portion of the machine, said door being provided with a window preferably made of glass or a conventional plastic material, and projecting a certain distance into said tub and said drum in the closed position of said door, the machine being additionally provided with ultrasonic generator devices of a conventional type associated to respective elements adapted to produce ultrasonic waves to assist in the washing of the laundry contained in said drum in the presence of a washing liquid in said tub, characterized in that said elements (11) are hermetically attached to the interior wall surface of said window (9) at positions whereat they are covered by said washing liquid, and directed towards the interior wall surfaces of said drum (5), said elements (11) being connected to respective ultrasonic generator devices (10) by means of flexible electric conductors (14).

Great idea; shake the dirt out with sound instead of water. We look forward to its production. Modern Mechanix via KBCulture

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